Monday, 28 November 2011

Upon Closer Inspection

Upon closer Inspection

I like the age that has settled in my body
The new lines around my eyes that catch faint light
(the ones by my mouth too, imprinted from laughs and more)
The veins that surface sudden and unexpected
on bruised heavy thighs

The slow sag of my ample bum and the rise of my breasts
and the deepness of the cavity that was my youthful heart

I like my hands which have learnt to be wise
and are jewelled expensively.
I turn them upside down examining palms,
An inspector looking for clues
The heart love life line
Many many creases breaking flow
a beautiful imprint of grand life to come
And much sorrow

I look forward to the perverse
of that same sadness which is
extraordinary light
The freedom of spirit, courage
and inaccessible joy

I will accept and love
I will not dread or distance

(Red tape cages the nubile mind)

I like my original marks
but I look forward to the ones life warrants me too.


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