Monday, 8 August 2011

It’s time for a ‘quiche’, Madam!

There comes a time after every break-up when the tears have been shed, the pro’s and con’s lists have been made and you’re friends have taken up day-dreaming as sport

It’s time! A-C-T!!! I-O-N!!!  Enough with the over analysing, it’s time to get back in the game. Yes, it’s time for a quickie, a fling-a-dingy, a toy-boy, a silver fox, a really distant hot cousin, whatever! We’re not talking marriage here  , we’re talking perve-mania, raunchy, saucy, unapologetic action! Who cares if he couldn’t finish reading an article in the Daily Sun or still lives in a digs! Just do it! If not for yourself, do it for your long suffering friends who’ve stood by you through break-ups and make-ups! A new ‘topic’ of conversation is sure to brighten not only their day, but make you feel empowered and like the minx you are!

Ok, so sometimes this can be a tricky subject to broach with a newly separated and still highly sensitive friend. So that’s why we suggest you whip up a super easy (and low fat!) quiche – and let it do the talking!

The Get-Over-That-Bastard-Already, Get-Back-Out-There-And-Have-A-Quickie-Quiche!

Firstly, pour yourself a glass of wine, you’ve earned it!

Second, line a pie-dish with grated cheese. This will serve as you’re ‘crust’. Next go gather some fresh herbs from your garden, basil, rosemary and thyme, chop these finely. Pour yourself another glass of wine, picking herbs is strenuous stuff!

Get out the frying pan, add a good dollop of olive oil and fry up a diced onion till its golden brown. Then add the herbs from the garden and some chopped mushrooms. Put these ingredients in a bowl and start frying up some heavenly diced bacon and add to the other ingredients. Yum! (This will serve as the filling for your quiche! If you want to go veggie, substitute bacon for oven roasted tomatoes, peppers, topped asparagus)

Next beat 4 eggs and 300ml of plain yoghurt in a bowl (This is also an excellent stress reliever, feel free to pretend that you are in-fact beating The Bastard!).

Ok much better. Add some salt, pepper and a tablespoon of maizena to the mixture. Combine the filling with the egg mixture. Pour all the mixture into the pie dish. Sprinkle 2 rounds of feta evenly over the top of the quiche.

Place in oven heated to 180 degrees for approx 45min.

Phew. That was pretty quick! Good job! Now go make yourself pretty, whilst you prepare your Get-Back-Out-There speech. This light and low-calorie meal is perfect as a quick snack before hitting the local wine bar or perusing a trendy night market, and other fox-hunting hotspots. Or perhaps, munch it as a midnight snack whilst reminiscing over the catch-of-the-eve upon your return.

All the best on your fox hunting expedition! 
Let us know how it goes.


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